Leek ASC Club Championships 2019 – 16/17 & 23/24 November

What are the Club Championships?

Our Club Championship is an internal gala that we run jointly with Biddulph ASC. This means that only Leek and Biddulph swimmers will be attending, unlike larger meets where many clubs attend.

All club members, who are 7 or over by the end of this year, are eligible to compete in races across varying strokes and distances.

Medals will be awarded on the day to the fastest 3 swimmers in each age group in each event. Last year our swimmers went home with a total of 203 medals!

We encourage all members to participate, whatever their ability and swim group, as it is perfect practice for future galas. For many, once they overcome their first gala nerves, they then get a taste for racing.

The Club Championships are fun and friendly, enjoyed by swimmers and spectators alike.

As they will be run under ASA rules as a level 4 gala, times can be used for county level qualification and/or entry into open meets. All times (for swimmers aged 9+) will be registered on the rankings at British Swimming: https://www.swimmingresults.org

You never know, they may also beat one of our club records: http://www.leekasc.co.uk/club-records/

Which events can my swimmer enter?

The events that they can enter depends on their age. If they will be 7 or 8 on or before 31 December 2019 they can enter:

25m Freestyle 25m Breaststroke 25m Backstroke 25m Butterfly

If they are 9 on or before 31 December 2019, they can enter:

50m Freestyle 200m Freestyle 400m Freestyle 50m Breaststroke
200m Breaststroke 50m Backstroke 200m Backstroke 50m Butterfly
200m Butterfly 100m IM 200m IM 400m IM

If they are 10 or older on or before 31 December 2019, they can enter the above, plus:

100m Freestyle 100m Breaststroke 100m Backstroke 100m Butterfly

The full schedule of events is available here.

Does it cost anything to enter?

Yes – there is an entry fee that goes towards the costs of running the competition. However, the fee is much more reasonable than open meets at £3.50 per event and is also capped at £30, so even if your swimmer enters all events that is the maximum you will pay.

How do I enter?

It is simple! Just follow the below steps.

Extra entry forms are available here.

Step My swimmer is new to galas or has very few ranking times: My swimmer has been to a number of galas and has all or most ranking times:
1 Pre-populated entry forms will be provided so that you can tick the events your swimmer would like to enter. You will receive an email from contact@leekasc.co.uk listing the events that your swimmer has ASA ranking times for. Please reply to the emailing confirming which events they would like to enter.

If there are some events you don’t have ranking times for, please speak to a coach and provide the time that they advise.

2 At training 12-2 on Sunday 27 October or 6-7 on Thursday 24 October (for Dolphins), your Coaches and additional volunteers will be on hand to time your swimmers for the selected events, so that entry times can be obtained. You will receive an email confirming which events you have asked to enter, along with the total cost of your entry.
3 Our coaches and volunteers will share the times with you, finalise your entry and take payment (cash or cheque). Bring cash or a cheque (made payable to Leek ASC) to training, in an envelope clearly marked with your swimmers name.

If your swimmer is not in a group that swims at these times, or you are not able to make it those days, please email contact@leekasc.co.uk so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Anything else I need to know?

Please make every effort to come along and support your swimmer and their teammates – bring friends and family along too!

We also rely on volunteers to help poolside, including on the medal table. If you would like to help (and get a great view of the action!), please let us know.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

You can contact our Fixtures Secretary, Gordon Beattie, by email on contact@leekasc.co.uk