Co-op Local Community Fund

Leek ASC has been chosen by the Co-op to benefit from the current round of the Co-op Local Community Fund. This means that Co-op members can now choose Leek ASC as their local cause. Whenever a Co-op member buys selected own-brand products and services, 2% of the money they spend will go to Leek ASC, if chosen as their local cause. This will continue until 22 October 2022.

In order to maximise the amount we raise for the club, please could we encourage you all to become a Co-op member, select Leek ASC as your chosen cause and encourage as many family and friends in the area to do the same.

You can become a member in your local Co-op store, or you can join online at It costs £1 to join, but as you also earn 2% for yourself it should pay for itself very quickly.

Once you are a member you must log on to the Co-op website to select Leek ASC as your cause. This will ensure that the club get 2% every time you shop in any Co-op store. You will be able to select Leek ASC if you live within 15 miles of Leek. If you don’t select your cause the 2% will be split between the 3 causes that the Co-op store is supporting, so we will miss out.